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Pascale Abadie Peut-on rire de tout ? Les bandes dessinées et la liberté d'expression
Gene Aufderhaar Ohio AATG Meet-and-Greet
Tonya Barba Dip your toes or dive into CI when you have a book based curriculum
Sheri Barksdale Gestures to make the message clear: Use what you already know!
Lisa Beall TMI & Homework
Tricia Becker Personalized Learning: Flexible Playlists and Stations in the WL Classroom
Rebecca Bias CAAP for Early Assessment
Stacey Bill Creating and Assessing Formative Assessments to Enhance Language Learning
Meredith Blackmore Start Your Day With Yoga in Spanish
Jenna Bollinger Squares to Circles: A Novice Teacher’s Transition to Comprehensible Input
Megan Brady Beginner Teacher Round Tables
Derek Braun Supporting Heritage Language Learners for the Ohio Seal of Biliteracy
Derek Braun TESOL
Samantha Bremner Calling All Elementary Teachers!
Samantha Bremner ELL
Maan Broadstock Using Pen Pals to Increase Authenticity and Engagement in PBL
Martha Castaneda Standards, Communication, and Context: The Novice Student Experience
Martha Castaneda Calling all High School Students Interested in the Teaching Profession
Lesley Chapman OFLA Annual Business Meeting
An Chung Cheng Boosting communicative skills with culture and content in focus
Kimberly Clifford 20 Ways to Split into Partners or Groups
Amy Coit Accelerate Student Learning: Best Practices in Spanish Literacy
Karine Daddah How to Make a French Business Class Fun and Practical!
Jacqueline Davis Bouncing Back in the Boonies
Gary DiBianca Entering Salvador Dalí’s World in the Classroom
Gary DiBianca Building a More Inclusive LGBTQ World Language Environment
Carrie Durand Good Enough Can Be Great... Tips from a Recovering Perfectionist
Rachel Faerber-Ovaska Creating Virtual Field Trips for World Language & Culture Learning
Larissa Fekete ArtiFACT: Teaching Language with Technology (Audio Editing,3D Printing)
Julie Frye Engaging visuals in the French classroom: Using 'bandes dessinées'
Angela Gardner Armchair Advocacy! Raise your voice while barely lifting a finger!
Angela Gardner Interpretive Mode? I think you mean BEAST mode!!
Maureen Gerber Have a Blast in the Past! P.C. vs. IMP. the French classroom!
Jill Gomez Let’s Get Physical: Using Manipulatives in the Language Classroom
Martha Halemba The Seal of Biliteracy: The Game Changer
Kirsten Halling Portraits of Women in French Contemporary Music
Beth Hanlon Teaching with Readers!
Elizabeth Hanlon OFLA Cardinal Editing Team Meeting
Nicole Hanlon AATF Movie Club: Il a déjà tes yeux
Nicole Hanlon American Association of Teachers of French Annual Meeting
Patricia Hanna Building Bridges Across Disciplines: Fusing STEM / World Language Pedagogy
Jonathan Harris AATSP Meeting
Megan Hayes Unleash the Power of Stories in the World Language classroom
Megan Helgeson Brain Breaks in an Immersion Classroom
Richard Henricksen H5P: Increasing student engagement in asynchronous language learning environments
Leah Henson Improve Your Classroom with Google and Chrome
Lucas Hoffman Core Practices 101
Brian Hunter Improving Student’s Digital Literacy Using Readiness Assessment Activities
Brian Hunter Improving Student Interaction By Improving Digital Literacy Skills
Fenfang Hwu Preterite or imperfect? How do students’ strategies inform instructions?
Cheryl Johnson Are you listening?
Leila Kubesch Co-Teaching with Purpose & Power
Cécile Lainé Teachers as librarians: guide your students to become independent readers
Greta Lundgaard 3 for of 1: Embedding Grammar & Vocabulary in Communicative Activities
Dina Marsala You down with OWI? Yeah you know me!
Dina Marsala The CI Roadshow
Shelly McAlister Tech Tools for New Teachers
Holly Mesmer Tell me a story of a new culture: a tech-rich PBL literacy experience
Terrell Morgan Welcome to OSU’s Quechua and Portuguese Teaching & Learning Communities!
Heidi Morrissey The Daily Chat: Using Comprehensible Input to deliver traditional content
Megan Murphy Mes découvertes au Sénégal: La musique, la nourriture, et l'histoire
Megan Murphy Miau-credi! The key to personalizing your classroom!
Elizabeth Owens Communicating in all standards all over the Grid
Ihsan Ozulas Teaching Grammar Inductively
Laura Pearson Success with FLES! Tips & Tricks to Increase Comprehensible Input.
Cathleen Phillips Experience Language through the Language Experience Approach
Mary Piper Critical Considerations for the Latin Classroom: An Open Discussion
Lewis Porter Teaching Latin Grammatical Structures Via Interactive Storytelling
Christina Potter Low on brain breaks? Get caffeinated with a brain break refill.
Elizabeth Prince Multiple First Languages ? - How do our children become multilingual?
Cheri Quinlan BOGO (Buy One, Get One Free): Language through Culture
Juliana Rauch Summer Enrichment for Students: Language Camp in Your Own School
Sarah Ross Pulsera Project: Lessons for Empowerment, Unity, and Social Justice
Lisa Schauer Fundamentals of a Joyful and Proficiency-Driven Elementary Program
Kathy Shelton State Standards
Kathleen Stein-Smith The Importance of Foreign Language Advocacy: The Future is Clear
Jing Tan A Community-Building Framework for Mobile-Assisted Language Learning
Donna Tatum-Johns I Got The Music in Me
Donna Tatum-Johns Binge-Worthy CI: Using a TV series to engage language learners
Donna Tatum-Johns Oh The Places You’ll Go: Reading in an acquisition-driven class
Laura Terrill Focus on Proficiency: Coach for Performance
Laura Terrill Purposeful Lesson Planning: Making Every Minute Count
Milton Alan Turner Social Justice in the World Languages Classroom- Teaching Solidarity
Milton Alan Turner Fulbright-Hays and NEH Summer Programs: Bring the World to Your Classroom
Milton Alan Turner Preparing for the AP Exam Writing Sections
Jacque Van Houten Integrating Career Prep into K-20 World Language Classes
Ryan Wertz ODE Update: Trending News for Ohio's World Language Educators
Ryan Wertz Ohio's Seal of Biliteracy Program: Implementing a Program in Your School
Teri Wiechart TPR Storytelling Revisited
Lori Winne It's Clear: Camp OFLA is a Success!
Angie Woods Co-creating a Positive Classroom Community with Students
Mary Zuidema Decolonizing the Curriculum: Intercultural Empathy and Activism in Writing

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